August - September Rates

Mini holiday at Møn in Denmark.
Lovely double room with private bathroom and TV.
Nice large communal kitchen with free coffee and tea.
6 nights price 4,350.00 Dkk

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If you are visiting Moen, why not stay at Motel Stege, situated in the heart of Stege. Motel Stege is very easy to find as it is located right next to the Stege Church, with its impressive size, towering over the city. Motel Stege is located not far from the bus station and the tourist office (about 100 m.), which, for our guests’ pleasure, means that it is easy to visit the island’s many sights from Motel Stege.

The island has a great many cultural and natural attractions, making the island the ideal place to spend a holiday for many families. These attractions include, among other Moens klint, which offers a view of majestic white cliffs, rarely found elsewhere in the world. Many beautiful beaches that are used by many families every summer surround Moen. The popularity of our beaches means that many beaches offer a variety of different facilities. If our guests arrive outside of the bathing season, the town can offer a swimming pool, located within walking distance from the motel. Copenhagen is located 123 km from the island and can be reached, by car within about one and a half hours. There are also many attractions in Zealand, which are worth a visit. We recommend Bon Bon Land and Knuthenborg Safari Park.

Motel Stege offers twelve rooms in total. We have six double rooms with a private bathroom and private kitchenette. We have six rooms, which also has a private bathroom, but which has a communal kitchen and dining room. Five of these rooms can be used as single, double, 3-person- or 4-person room. One of these six rooms can be used as single, double or 3-peroneroom (this room has facilities that are handicapped accessible).

All rooms have their own TV and Internet access. Motel Stege offers a bicycle garage that can be used for locking bicycles away and repairs of bicycles if needed.

Motel Stege can also offer a large garden with garden furniture, which can be used by our guests on a warm summers day. There is also a large grill available in the garden.

In a 2 minutes walking distance from Motel Stege can the main central street in Stege be reached. Here our guests can enjoy several shops, cafes (including a bakery) and restaurants in a wide selection. The street is very cosy and the city’s appearance is generally characterized by time period: Middle Ages when it was built.

The city’s harbour can be reached within a 2-minute walk and is characterized by very quiet surroundings.